The KiKa-bear is visiting a primary school!

The Kika-bear on tour

Elementary school the compass in Dronten got a visit this week by the KiKa-bear, the mascot of the event powerslide24Kika. The bear travelled to Dronten on invitation by Sylvian, a pupil of Group 7.

Collecting bottles

Sylvian will be participating on 24Kika on Friday 2 and Saturday 3 september at Flevonice in biddinghuizen. Sylvian challenged the KiKa bear to a game of inline skating with the goal to gather empty deposit bottles as soon as possible in the appropriate bin. All children of the compass are called to collect empty bottles, so that Sylvian can return them to the supermarket and collect the return money. The amount of money that he’ll make by doing this, goes to KiKa.

Donation for Kika

The game was narrowly won by Sylvian, after which he and the also the mascot with the elementary classes visit. Meanwhile, the primary school of Dylan made a donation for stichting KiKa! More on that later! In the video a short impression of the cosy visit to Sylvian his school. Set the audio to:





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