The 24kika skating event is part of the foundation 24KIKA. 24KIKA pays the organization of the event largely out of Exventure Sports and Events.

Exventure organizes (sporting) events, develops concepts and assists athletes and teams. They have specialized in taking fun- and extreme sports. Exventure own ideas, but also works on behalf of advertisers, governments, media and advertising agencies. Exventure is a contraction between the words Extreme Sports, Events & Adventure. Read more about it! Link?


We are looking for enthousiastic people who want to represent 24kika across the country! Are you interested in promoting the event, telling everyone you know about, and make as much noise about it as you can? Are you ready to attract as many new participants as you can and increase the number of teams? Then we want you!


Before, during and after the event we can always use some help! Interested in joining the team and helping to organize the event? Let us know and we will be happy to tell you all about it!


24kika is an event of the foundation 24KIKA. The daily management of the foundation consists of: