24kika is an event of the foundation 24KIKA. The daily management of the foundation consists of:

Rik Nijkamp – President
Nicolle Goessen – Treasurer
Mandy Rietzschel – Secretary
Coen Schild – Operations
Miranda Staal & Inger Waling – Communications & PR

Coen Schild

Coen is the daily contact for the operations of 24Kika. This is the 6th year in a row that Coen is involved with the event. He works at Exventure and is enthousiastic about everything that has to do with outdoor sports! [caption id="att

Inger Waling

Inger is one of the new arrivals of the team. Last year she participated in the event for the first time, after only four training sessions on skates. She didn’t break any record but had so much fun that this year she wanted to get more involved wi

Mandy Rietzschel

Mandy is a fanatic runner and skater and had participated in 24KIKA 8 times. As a medical secretary and mother of two kids she is not one to say ‘no’ to a new challenge. In her role as secretary she is the driving force behind all the organizatio

Miranda Staal

Communicatie & PR - 24KIKA Miranda is part of the communication & PR team! For many years, Miranda has been a loyal participant in 24KIKA, along with her colleagues in the team 'Care4Kika. For ten years she has been the dr

Nicolle Goessen

Nicolle has been the treasurer of 24KIKA  for a couple of years now. She is familiar with the event because she has participated 8 times. She is a mother of two children and founded AKR-Performance together with her husband and is responsible for th

Rik Nijkamp

Together with Mark Cuperus, Rik started Raps for KIKA in 2011 . As a true sports fanatic, he rode the LeMans 24-hours three times and is always looking for a new challenge, wether in is personal-, work- or sportlife. Rik is the president of 24KIKA an