What are we doing this for?

So, what are we doing this for? Well, all the proceeds of 24kika will be donated to Foundation KIKA.

Foundation KIKA

KIKA is founded in 2002 and originated in the locker room of an indoor soccerteam. One of the players of the team told his teammates that he had to stop his research about child cancer because he lacked the funds. His teammates immediately were triggered to do something about it.

Child cancer
Childhood cancer differs from adult cancers in many ways. There are about 6000 children with cancer in our country and 500 new patients are added to that yearly. Nearly 25% of all children with cancer die from this disease. Children that have won the battle, often deal with several effects both during and after treatment. More research, better insights, the newest treatments and better insights in this disease is what these children need. In 2002 €150.000 euros was collected for research. In 2014 it was €18 million. The average success rate of curing cancer in those seven years rose from 70% to 75%. And thanks to new (genetic) research, doctors have already been able to make the treatment more friendly and reduce side effects. Childhood cancer requires a specific approach and deserves the funds to make it possible. We are aiming for a 100% cure rate and want you to make it possible with us!

Where do the funds go to?
Given the current funding, research and development in technology, pediatric oncologists believe that 2025 could bring us very close to a cure rate between 95% and 100%. Yearly there are more than 5000 initiatives organized to raise money for KIKA. That is great, but there is also a danger that people will think that the goal has already been reached. It hasn’t; the proceeds should hit the 20 million mark yearly in order to fund cancer research, therapies and cures. We are aiming for less pain and struggle for kids, more healing and a better quality of treatments. Benefits of this event go directly to KIKA, which in turn directly supports cancer centers and research units like the following: Emma Children’s Hospital Amsterdam, UMC Groningen Queen Beatrix Children’s Clinic, Willem-Alexander Child and Youth Center