The event

On August 31st and 1st of September it’s time for the 15th edition of 24KIKA. A unique skating event for people that want to raise money for KIKA whilst making fun and setting a unique sportive achievement! All the proceeds go to stichting KIKA.

What is this event all about?

  • 24KIKA is a 24-hours skating in a team (or on your own if you dare) at FlevOnice Biddinghuizen;
  • During this event you will be skating in a team with a relay system, so there is always one rider per team skating laps;
  • Every team keeps their own pace and their own strategy. No matter if you are aiming for the fastest time and the most laps or if this is your first time ever on skates; every team is welcome to join the fun!
  • KIKA is a charity that supports the fight against child cancer by raising money for research and other initiatives’
  • Every team is required to collect money; either by participating in the selling of lottery tickets (made available by the organisation of this event) or by organizing their own unique sponsorship programmes;
  • This event is all about team building, setting a unique performance, supporting each other and making fun whilst doing this!
  • Making fun and performance go hand in hand during this event;
  • There will be many services available to support the skating teams. For example a massage-team, an open restaurant and outside terrace, a skate-cleaning service and of course a live DJ!
  • There will be a cozy campsite to spend the night on, with room for campfires;
  • A fairly priced catering package for all the teams with dinner, breakfast and lunch.

So.. what are you waiting for? Join us!